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51 reviews for City Shoes- Wild Thing

  1. Kelley Sparks (verified owner)

    Firstly, I never write reviews for products unless I’m unhappy. Occasionally you find a product that you just need to review because they’re awesome.
    I ordered these boots because so many people are talking about them.
    Poochy boots are great bc they’re good for summer. My dog needed a summer boot bc my friend’s dog burned his paws last year on the road.

  2. Rob Valice (verified owner)

    Never thought I’d put shoes on my dog – he’s a Rotti, but last summer his paws got burnt at the beach. Gotta say these are great. We both like them. Great product.

  3. Gabriella Slutzky (verified owner)

    These shoes are the BEST!!! My Mac never wanted to wear boots but after a few minutes he forgets about them. They are so cute they put a smile on everyone’s face. I can’t tell ya how many people have stopped me on the street to ask about where we got them. We have had cars driving down the road stop IN THE MIDDLE OF TRAFFIC to ask about them (on more than one occasion). And they are perfect for the weather here in Miami.

  4. Jaya G (verified owner)

    I got used to taking my Maltipoo out in a stroller on hot days. We live in Daytona where it can get very hot all year round. So happy to have found these. Now Chloe can actually take walks and we don’t have to worry about her paws burning.

  5. Penny G (verified owner)

    Truly love your boots. My neighbor bought these boots and thought they are the best so I decided to buy them to. My dog didn’t love them to start then I took her outside and she never even noticed wearing them. Perfect to protect her paws in the hot California sun.

  6. Barb Voss (verified owner)

    I’m obsessed with germs so I was thrilled to find these booties. My dog likes wearing them and I can take her out knowing any gross stuff is not tracked into my condo. Even better- they are easy to rinse off/wash.

  7. Danica W (verified owner)

    Shout out to Poochy Pawz.
    I ordered 2 sets of these for both my dogs. The fit is true to size and the people were so helpful on the phone. Someone actually answers and talks to you. Getting them was a bit slow- due to mail delays, but worth the wait. My dogs are both happily prancing aroud in them. Will be ordering them again in different patterns.

  8. Samantha (verified owner)

    Here in sunny Florida, it’s hot almost all year. Got these for my mini schnauzer last summer and just ordered another set. They are durable yet lightweight and I like the adjustable strap and reinforced toe. My dog tends to dig so that toe doesn;t wear out or tear like some other boots.

  9. Big Dave (verified owner)

    Me and my bud Hal do a lot of hiking and walking on asphalt trails. My sister ordered these for us and I was surprised that 1, . I liked them and 2, Hal likes them. Work great when those trails get hot. Also they are easy to put on and they stay on.

  10. Nancy McKnight (verified owner)

    I’m a dog walker and not only do I use these from my own pooch, I recommend them to all my clients. They are fabulous. Dog’s paws can easily burn on hot pavement, these boots really protect but are also lightweight and easy to wear. Perfect for every season.

  11. Erica Y (verified owner)

    So happy with Lola’s boots. In South Carolina it starts getting very hot during late spring and summer. A friend recommended these are they do the trick. Really like how well they fit and how soft and easy to get on they are. Cute too!

  12. Hannah F (verified owner)

    I love Poochy Pawz boots for my sweet girl in the summer. Some days we use the boots when it’s dirty outside on the streets. New York can get dirty. I love NY but not the dirt chemicals and now we wear the boots and I don’t need to worry about her feet

  13. A Gardner (verified owner)

    I found this great boot in my search for a solution to my labs raw summer feet from allergies. My lab is twelve now and has severe allergies all season long. Even with strong medication she struggles all summer long with raw, itchy feet. I have tried boots in the past but they seem to make it worse as they keep in all the heat. When I called and spoke with the owner and she was truly interested in my particular challenge and took the time to explain why this boot is perfect for allergies as it allows the paws to breath which is vital with hot itchy feet. I decided to give it a try and after seeing the results my self I was truly amazed as it actually helped her feet get better. She is totally allergic to grass and her paws were protected allowing them to heal. I don’t leave many reviews but this I wanted to share for all those labs owners I have met in the dog park that I know have the same problem. Awesome!!! Totally worth a try.

  14. Ellen Green (verified owner)

    Lucy would not wear any boots, it was a constant battle- until City shoes. They are so easy to get on & off ad they stay on. We use them year round.

  15. Rebecca Greely (verified owner)

    Can’t say enough good things about these boots. They literally saved my dog hershey’s paws. Hershey is a great dane and it was impossible to find boots that fit. We live in Phoenix where those sidewalks sizzle, so it meant not taking him out all day. We found these in XXL and they fit perfectly. Plus they are adorable.

  16. Thom Wang (verified owner)

    Very good boots. My maltipoo likes to hang with me wherever I go but in the Southern heat I worry her paws can burn. These work very well.

  17. Charlotte M (verified owner)

    Never had boots that are so dang cute and my doggy loves them. She doesn’t fuss or pay any mind that she’s wearing them. We need them in this heatn here in Montecito.

  18. Ashley P (verified owner)

    I walk my pup everyday and I get stopped all the time with people asking me where did you get those fabulous boots? We have them in 2 different patterns. Cuteness aside they wear really well. Even if Bob steps in puddles they dry fast and are washable.

  19. Sara B (verified owner)

    Great fit, great boot

  20. Nicole Lansing (verified owner)

    Really love these boots. They are so cute and different looking then all the other boots. I’m in Plano, and a winter boot just won’t cut it in the heat. After a lot of research I found Poochy Pawz and they are the only true boot made for hot weather. The open back makes them so easy to slip on and the mesh provides great cooling. Thank you.

  21. Cali H (verified owner)

    I bought these boots as my bernadoodle Frankie has big fluffy paws so its hard to get the right fit. The XXL large works perfectly. Love that the Velcro strap is xtra long and adjustable. His paws stay safe and clean. Thrilled with them.

  22. Jeff Pence (verified owner)

    Charlie is an older dog with arthritis. I could never get him to wear boots, but he happily wears these. They are great all year round and help stabilize him when he is a bit shaky!

  23. Sharon Brown (verified owner)

    Awesome boots! My cavapoo burnt her paws a few years ago on hot pavement, so bad she had to see the Vet. Last sumemr I bought these and I just ordered a 2nd pair. They are so well made, and perfect for hot weather, soft, comfy & breathable. Great stuff!

  24. Marilyn K (verified owner)

    I usually don’t write to companies but I’d like to thank you guys because my Benz finally has a pair of shoes he likes to wear. We live in LA where it gets hot so these keep him protected and comfortable in the heat.

  25. @littleemmabean (verified owner)

    Everyone in my dog park was talking about these boots because of the pea gravel we have in our dog parks. It get extremely hot in the summer from the sun. Dog’s paws burn every year. These boots are perfect for the summer weather cause they’re mesh and pretty light weight. The important thing is that Emma doesn’t even notice them

  26. P MacNeil (verified owner)

    Never thought I would be one of those people to put boots on my dog until a few weeks ago when my sister’s dog severely burned her paws on a hot sidewalk. Her cries of pain and the sad eyes made me immediately get a pair of boots for my dog Sparky. I never want my dog to feel the pain that I saw that day. I did some research and found Poochy Pawz to be one of the best brands out there and I would highly recommend them as we have experienced many hot days so far. Super super easy to put on and Sparky forgot they were on in minutes. A sneaky training tip is to play with your dogs favourite toy when you put the boots on for the 1st time and the will forget they’re even wearing them

  27. Fatima Fahzdi (verified owner)

    I love them. But more importantly my Chewy loves them. He actually loves to walk in them. He looks so happy sniffing around and I don’t need to worry about him stepping on a hot grate or hot sidewalks. He is thirteen years old and thanks to your boots this is the first summer that we are able to go for walks every day.

  28. Petra S (verified owner)

    The perfect dog shoes for Zack. He’s a 100lbs black lab so I wasn’t not believe that they would be strong enough for him. These are perfect in hot weather. Zack hasn’t noticed wearing these shoes.

  29. Kim D (verified owner)

    Theo loves his Poochy Pawz. They are ideal for hot days at the park or just walking on the street. I love them because they are easy to get on and off and breathable..

  30. Ian Mermoni (verified owner)

    I had been looking for dog boot for warm weather for years. Finally i found Poochy Pawz. My dog Cesar & I can now take long walks even when the streets are hot. Great product, great service.

  31. Rachel Spaciolotti (Jackson, Miss) (verified owner)

    I got these boots for my dogs. We live in Mississippi and the summers get so hot. I am very happy with the boots because I have 3 dogs so 12 paws to get boots on. These are simple to put on and not one single boot fell off

  32. Shari M (verified owner)

    Love these boots. I live in Arizona and those streets can get so hot you could fry an egg. Looked for years for a paw protector and City Shoes are the only ones made for hot weather and summer heat. They are lightweight and breathable and have saved my Macey’s little paws.

  33. M Sinclair (verified owner)

    We bought these because of the crazy hot summer we’ve been having here in Ft. Lauderdale and wanted to protect our pup’s paws. We also planned on going on a few hikes and these boots did not disappoint! He walked in them with ease and it didn’t bother him while we did our trails. They’re worth every Penny and I highly recommend.

  34. M Santos (verified owner)

    These are the best boots we ever got. Those boots have long strap so very secure wearing. Chino loves these.

  35. Anne Marie (verified owner)

    Both my girls (Aussie doodles) wear these boots year round. They are great in the summer to keep their paws from burning and equally good to protect them from dirt and dangerous things like glass all year. Really well made too!

  36. Sandy S (verified owner)

    These are perfect for Florida. Love that they are lightweight with mesh and airflow so not only do they protect Spike’s paws from burning, they stay cool and don’t trap the hot air. Plus they are so easy to put on. We love the beach as well as walks so now we can go out and not worry.

  37. Alexandra F (verified owner)

    Such a well made product. We originally bought them for our Frenchie 3 years ago and they are still in good shape. And we do alot of walking. Since then we’ve bought the other 2 patterns cuz a dog can never be too fashionable!

  38. Heather & Crayne (verified owner)

    Love Love these boots for summer!
    We bought these for Herbie to keep his paws clean from junk on city sidewalks but last summer we used them for hot pavement as well. There are so easy to get on & off and they stay on. We get so many compliments on the gorgeous style too.

  39. Audrey R (verified owner)

    These boots are made for walkin!
    My Piper is so tiny- an Italian greyhound so we were hard pressed to find a bit that fits. Plus she loves not just wlaking but running and leaping. These boots not only fit great- they stay on, even when she’s leaping, jumping and running. I use them for every season.

  40. Charna B (verified owner)

    We spend winters in Florida with our pup Simba, these boots are great for those hot sidewalks, plus we use them back in NY the rest of the year so his paws stay clean

  41. Nina J (verified owner)

    My Siberian husky Syrus has terrible allergies and bites his feet. We could not find a boot that would stay on and that lightweight enough for him to wear and be comfortable. Then we found City Shoes. We are on our 3rd pair.

  42. Wendy Hu (verified owner)

    I live in Hawaii where it gets hot! Was so impressed with the quality and also the great service. My first pair went missing (turned out I wrote the wrong postal code) and yet when they they found out I was a senior on fixed income, the company sent me off another free of charge. Highly recommend.

  43. Shelly Mammoth (verified owner)

    Honesly I was skeptical and didn’t think I’d find Toto boots that he would wear but I have to say these are the only boots (and we’ve tried many) that he wears. It took a few tries but once he started walking, they are so light, like a slipper he didn’t even realize they were on.

  44. Felicia G (verified owner)

    Truly love your boots. My neighbor bought these boots and thought they are the best so I decided to buy them to. My dog didn’t love them to start then I took her outside and she never even noticed wearing them. Perfect to protect her paws

  45. Brenda G (verified owner)

    Love the pattern!! The straps and quality of the material is perfect for the summer and the hot pavement. It was so easy to put them on my goldendoodle’s paws. (

  46. Claudia Mancini (verified owner)

    My dog didn’t bother with them at all so I guess that’s a good sign. She hasn’t tried to bite them or pull them off. This is good as she bites at all the winter boots she wears. Most boots are heavy and she hates them. The material is light and airy and she barely notices them

  47. Kevin Looney (verified owner)

    These fit great, the Velcro and elastic helps keep them on. My dag walks normal in them so they must be comfortable.
    I got a size XS and my dog is 15 pounds.

  48. Janice Leech (verified owner)

    Love these for my dog! I was looking for lightweight boots that would protect her paws from the hot pavement and these are perfect! They’re also super cute which is a great bonus! They’re slightly too big for her, but she was in between sizes so a little too big is better than too small. I’m happy with my purchase and definitely recommend!

  49. Mariella (verified owner)

    Java loves his boots. They are so cute and comfortable and really protect his paws at the park and on the streets. Thank you for making such a great bootie.

  50. Dr. Anna B (verified owner)

    We love Jasper’s boots!. He was happily lounging on the couch when I returned home from work, showing off his lovely footgear. Thank you for this.
    -Dr Anna B

  51. Veola and Petrus (verified owner)

    Oscar loves those boots, he doesn’t even mind not taking them off when he’s home!
    The boots are very good, easy to put on and holds its place. Oscar is using them when it is muddy out there so he would not make a mess in our house.
    – Veola and Petrus

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